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3 days ago

Doctors of Chiropractic Offer Tips to Reduce Risk of Back Pain.

ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- October is Spinal Health

Month, which offers an outstanding opportunity to speak with your local

chiropractor about the natural ways you can improve your spinal health

and enhance your overall well being. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is offering a free patient information page on its Web

site, "Tips For a Healthy Spine," that provides simple

posture, lifting, and healthy lifestyle guidelines to ward off

unnecessary back pain. Visit

"The goal of a doctor of chiropractic is to offer the

highest-quality, professional health care, while teaching patients ho

2 weeks ago

Home Improvement :: Changing Your Lg Refrigerator Defrost Timer

LG refrigerators that are available today possess only two different types of defrost devices. The first variation is a Adaptive defrost board. This is an digital circuit mother board which will manages the actual on/off time period plus rate of recurrence with your refrigerator defrosts period.

The other variety is going to be defrost timer. This is not difficult to see which one you possess by just having your model no . and calling a local appliance components seller. Within this article we are inspecting and also exchanging the actual defrost timer.

Detaching the defrost timer. The defrost timer usually is located in the compressor area in the back of the fridge. It may al